Friday, December 28, 2012

Sorry Lux

The title says it all,  I am very sorry Lux. But I had no clue that the curlers were up that high.

I guess I should backtrack so you guys know what I'm talking about.  So my new friend Lux came over to my house and one thing to another and we ended up in my bathroom with a set of hair curlers set up to the highest setting. Somehow the curlers became twisted in her hair and the ends of her hair was burnt when I rolled the curlers down her hair. 

We had to cut off two inches of her long blonde hair. I was and still am super mad at myself but Lux wasn't.  She laughed it off and said that stuff happens. How cool of her?  Very cool. She even said that she wanted a hair cut anyways.

Lux if you are reading this I am very sorry that I ruined your hair.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's almost time!!!

It's almost Christmas Eve! I can't believe it's almost here. I wrapped my gifts that I brought earlier this month and put them under the great big tree downstairs in our living room. I even took a few pictures of me by the tree. I shared a few on Twitter and even updated my banner and profile picture.

Sorry for the short update I just wanted to keep you guys updated on the life of me.  Also I was thinking of starting a new thing on my blog,  a question of the day!  Today's question is one of the great debate questions in my family.  Real vs fake, trees that is.  We have a faux tree this year but we had a real one last year.  So what about you? Leave me a comment and let me know about your tree (if you have one).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pin Pon Dasshu fail

  Today I made some Taiyaki (fish shaped 'sweet cake' filled with a filling like custard cream or red bean paste) when I got in from school. I'm a huge sweets person so I ate most of them with the help of Zinnie and Charlie. We made a bunch but still had a lot left after we ate. Charlie, the joker of the group said that we should go ding dong ditching in her neighborhood. Ding Dong Ditch or Pin Pon Dasshu is when you ring a door bell and then you run off as fast as you can. So me being me surely wanted in on this fun. Zinnia not so much, she didn't feel like it was right to ring someone's bell without really needing anything. She thought that maybe we can leave some custard cream tayaki on the porch before we run off so that the person gets a sweet surprise when they answer the door.

We packed up several bags of the sweets and changed into our tennies and tied our long hair into ponytails before we started our childlike prank. We quietly tipped toed out of the house and acrossed my lawn. Our first target was a few houses down from ours, Mr. Johnson. Trying to hide behind the bushes at the foot of his house was difficult. We all weren't 10 anymore and our giggles didn't help. Charlie climbed over me and handed a small plastic zip lock baggie to Zinnia. She explained that all she had to is drop the bag on the porch and ring the bell (pin pon) and run as fast as you can (dasshu). With a nod of agreement Zippy Zinnie grabbed the bag and started to run across the street and up to Mr. Johnson's yard. I looked away for a second at Charlotte who couldn't stop laughing. By time I looked up Zinnia was already back across the street and looking at me as she pointed at Mr. Johnson's house. We watched as she opened the door and looked around confused at his empty porch. When he finally noticed the sweets he picked them up and smiled.

"Your turn Miss Okazaki, " Charlotte handed me a bag, it was still warm and smelled of sweet vanilla cream. "You have to do the Valentine's house." Darn, I was stuck with doing my cousin's house. She has the loudest and oldest sounding porch in the neighborhood. Since I never turn down a prank, I clutched onto the bag and crawled out from behind the bush and started to walk down the street to her house. It's hard being a ninja when it's tons of leaves all over the sidewalk.

I started running up the street to her house but a twig laying on the ground quickly ruined that. My knees was okay,  due to the fact I was wearing sweat pants. I rolled over onto my back and rested for a second before I got up and ran carefully to her house.  The porch groaned as I tip toed on it. 
I heard her dog barking loudly so I quickly dropped the bag and rang the bell.  I heard footsteps so I ran really really fast away from the house.  Panting heavily I fell onto the grass beside the girls when I caught up to them. I was the slowest girl so when I got back to them I seen that the bag of Taiyaki was empty. Man,  I'm slow.

After a while we headed back to my house to warm up with some hot chocolate. Yummy yummy.

Whoa this was a long post,  sorry.

Ps- I'm moving on from the picture thief, if she wants to be a thief then so be it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

One year and a picture thief.

I just realized that I have been blogging for over a year now.  I was going through my blog and ran into my blog from last Thanksgiving. A whole year of blogging, wow.  Thanks you guys for sitting around and listening to me tell you all my story. I don't have many people listening to me so I am extra grateful for the people that do.  Thank you again.

I know you are probably thinking why am I up so late?  Well I was having problems sleeping so I checked my twitter and it turns out that the same girl that tried to hack my profile (and failed) also stole a picture of me that I took last Christmas. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me and it did.  It's not a good feeling knowing someone stole from you.  It kinda makes me not want to post pictures online anymore.  I think that why I really don't go on my Instagram anymore. I just wish I knew what to do or how to feel about her now.  

I hope tomorrow I can have something happier to end a blog post on but right now I don't.  Goodnight and thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas in October?

I know it isn't even November yet but I have Christmas on the brain. I really want to whip my table top tree out and decorate it. Its just that I love winter holidays. Most of all I love the snow. Downtown Philly looks amazing under a fresh blanket of snow. Every year I try to go downtown as much as possible just to see the store fronts and pretty lights.

In my family we put the tree up after Thanksgiving dinner. I can't wait, I'm counting down the days to one of the most wonderful time of the year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Catch up time

My computer exploded so I haven't been able to update my blog in some time. So now I am blogging from my smart phone.

I don't know you guys and dolls but I am super excited for school! I know its geeky but I love the first day school. I just love fresh new school supplies. I mean who doesn't like a new backpack and tape! Oh glob I love tape! Like I really love tape! And what about new clubs, I can't wait to start clubs and to be honest I miss my school building.

Oh yeah..that box from Hawaii is still on the corner of my desk. I haven't opened it yet..and I'm not in a rush to do so.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday blog!

I can't believe it's been a month since I updated my blog, I am so sorry. But here I am with good news. Guess who is now a whole year older?

Did you say me?  Well yup, my birthday was the 30th (I'm 15)! I had a very sweet birthday. My two moms surprised me with a at home party. Sorry for the lack of photos, I'll explain that later. All my friends was there, Charlie, Anais, Alana, Zinnia, Axel and two new friends Lux and Rhyme. I know, me Lux are kinda friends now which is good. I know she hasn't had the best past but as of the last few weeks when I haven't blogged we grew closer as friends. Rhyme, she just moved back into the city a month ago. Her and Anais became instant friends, they knew each other from summer camp. I had no idea she lived around here before, Anais quickly explained that she is one of her best friends.

My parents decorated the entire house with rainbow colored decorations. I wish I still had my camera but we lost it in the great orange juice spill of June 2012. I swear I should have been paying attention but I was busy talking to Axel (who knew he liked Baka and Test?) when I threw my hands back to laugh my camera slipped and sunk into the picture of juice and its gone now. Which sucks because I had really awesome pictures of the party.

But way before that happened we watched my most favorite movie. Ponyo which is a Studio Ghibli anime movie. Normally my friends aren't to fond of anime but they all squeezed onto my mom's sectional sofa while the adults played cards in the den. I even heard a few very girly 'Aww's from the end of the sofa where Anais and Rhyme was. Axel and I was very into the movie. Zinnia was one of the Awww-ers at the end of the sofa. Charlie and Alana was watching in between texts. Once the movie was finished we watched a little of Nichijou- My Ordinary Life, its a bout a robot girl who wants to appear more normal. Well its kinda about a lot of random stuff. I loved re-watching the anime with my friends but we only lasted a few episodes before it was time for cake. We munched on snacks and stuff in between episodes of Nichijou.

My aunt (Anais' mom) made me a nyan cat cake. It was almost too sweet to eat but hey I love cake and it tasted great. Next came presents. My first gift was a pair of brown boots of The Valentine's twins, I love them. Who doesn't need a nice pair of brown boots? Zinnia gave me a new journal, its covered in wild zinnia flowers. It's a really beautiful book. Charlie gave me a gift card to I have no idea what to get. Axel gave me a box full of his old manga! Can you believe it a box full of manga!!  Rhyme gave me a singing card that she made her self. How cool! There was only one more gift on the table. Yay! It must be the gift from my moms but wait, they gave me my gift this morning. My newly broken camera. So who was this last gift from.

I grabbed the the big wrapped box, it was covered in big hibiscus print paper. Hmmm, I looked at my moms and back at the present. Anais nudged me and told me to open it. I opened it and inside it was a brown box with a postal label. I quickly read it. Hawaii? I asked out loud. The room started spinning and I felt a little dizzy. I wanted to open it but my hands wasn't listening to my brain. I just sat there starring at the box. Was this from my birth mother....